Andrew Murray & Marie Torres

Andrew Murray & Marie Torres

The Marketing Couple – Top Affiliate Marketers

Andrew Murray & Marie TorresIn Andrew’s own words:

I started in network marketing in 2001.

Marie and I were just finishing university via distance education, and we got a Melaleuca catalog from my mother.

We called the number, and asked to be referred to someone – and the corporate office hooked us up with somebody near us making over $10,000 per month.

  • We did everything. Wrong.
  • We had home parties (terrible.)
  • We met strangers in Tim Horton’s for coffee.
  • We did all those things that didn’t work.

But we did one thing that worked…

We committed to figure out how to make a full-time income in this industry.

We went through a few companies. Bought leads. Made a few sales. Lost money.

In 2005, after investing hundreds of hours into learning personal development and internet marketing, we caught fire.
That year we made over $250K.

Because all that time, we had been learning marketing. Learning how to market online. And that’s the key. It’s what we got really good at. And then we got good at teaching others how to do the same thing.

Flash forward a few years, and we’ve created our own products, taught on stage, won some of the top awards in the industry, and just love life and love helping others.