Amish Shah

Amish Shah

Affiliate Marketer. Technology Geek. Traffic Guru.

Amish ShahAlthough Amish Shah is an expert in many areas, he is best described as a savvy new-age internet entrepreneur. Amish is a visionary and a futurist with many of his ideas and concepts being larger than life. Amish is best known for developing automated tools and software as well as his impressive traffic strategies. He is also very popular from his popular “Magic Bullet” courses and seminars as well as his record-setting 6-figure daily affiliate marketing earnings that changed the face of affiliate marketing forever and created a buzz no one will soon forget. Do you remember all that buzz about the “$100k Man”? That was him!

In just 4 years from his original start with affiliate marketing (in 2003), Amish had run thousands of different advertising campaigns in more than 100 different markets. He had tested his campaigns against over 50 different traffic sources and was able to clock in over 105,000,000,000 (yes, ‘billion’) impressions in the process. In those 4 years, Amish managed to bring in $110,000,000 in sales for the advertisers.

Amish eventually went on to build a great campaign tracking and management tool called Hexatrack (now called MB-X). He has developed other software as well from email marketing to advanced campaign tracking systems, his company DigiSpace has built many solutions that help companies with almost all major internet marketing projects.

After a few years of successfully dominating the affiliate marketing scene and becoming one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) super-affiliate at that time, Amish decided in 2008 to launch the first ever Magic Bullet Seminar. Even at $4k a seat, it sold out very fast. As a bonus, attendees received lifetime access to their newest campaign management tool MB-X just for attending!

After the great success with first seminar, Amish launched the Magic Bullet System a year later that taught clients how to build successful affiliate marketing businesses from start to finish using the same tactics and strategies they used themselves to build their own affiliate marketing empire. The Magic Bullet System was $3k and also sold out quickly. He launched the second version of the Magic Bullet System in early January and will be hosting a third Magic Bullet seminar this June in San Diego, CA. These software “launches” brought in over $8 million dollars in sales in 14 days combined.

In 2010, after a great year for DigiSpace, Amish’s company was named the 60th fastest-growing advertising and marketing company in the United States as well as the 10th fastest growing in San Diego, CA by INC Magazine. This success has made Amish a very sought after consultant to high-end clients and businesses looking to expand or increase the results of their internet-based marketing and advertising strategies as well as build their business and increase their bottom lines.

In 2011, DigiSpace was acquired by Bitzio Inc and Amish now focuses on his personal brand (, Mobile Apps and acts as the Chief Product Officer for Bitzio, Inc.

Amish continues to work hard to improve himself through personal growth and development. He has learned through his constant growth process to always think positive and not let the little things in life get to him.

Throughout his personal development process, Amish has become very passionate about helping others learn the secrets to personal achievement and enlightenment as well. He is always willing to share his thoughts and views on happiness and success and enjoys connecting with others that are also passionate in their areas of expertise, giving advice wherever he can and always open to hearing others’ experiences and advice as well.

Amish believes that with success you should also give back, which is why he has helped thousands of people secure their financial futures by offering help and advice through his personal blog ( and his internet business courses such as the Magic Bullet System.

Amish Shah has set benchmarks in the internet marketing world by constantly overachieving and defying the odds in every venture he pursues. His successes have spread across the globe, with his businesses grabbing both local and national attention. Amish’s companies have even been nationally recognized by some of the most prestigious recognitions available (such as his recent INC 500 achievement) for their success and exponential growth. Beyond his business, Amish Shah has devoted his life to helping others achieve personal greatness and accomplishments as well through many of his courses, volunteer work and his new non-profit organization. Amish’s hard work and commitment to his business and his life has made him a respected authority in internet marketing and his knowledge of business is no less than apparent as seen through his personal achievements. Amish is a marketer, a mentor, a teacher and an idol for anyone that wishes to break from the chains and stereotypes that may surround them and achieve more than they ever thought possible by believing in themselves and never giving up.