Adam Holland

Adam Holland

Founder of Revolution Profits & PPV Prodigy

Adam HollandAdam Holland’s story is a familiar one, especially if you’ve been discouraged when first starting out in network marketing.

Once an Amway failure and unemployed for years, Adam struggled to find the success he most wanted so that he could provide for his family and be a great and confident man. Then, as he learned and implemented some of the most valuable SEO strategies, he couldn’t help but attract attention for his ability to earn $20,000 and more each month.

His story has been featured on the SEO Networker website where he was revealed as one of the most successful students of that famous SEO course. He won a scholarship for it and soon demonstrated the effectiveness of implementing search engine optimization techniques while building an online presence for his business. He was already doing “OKAY” but he wanted to really push things forward in the same way that many other entrepreneurs want to see their business take off.

He knew that SEO could really push his website into the organic search engine results. He knew he could turn all that new traffic into sales. The only thing stopping him for a second was the same thing that holds so many of us back – paying for the course. Luckily, he responded to a challenge set forth by Ray and Ferny and soon showed he had the guts to prove himself worthy of a scholarship for the course. The same day he received it was also when his wife shared they would soon be having their first child. All signs pointed toward success for Adam, and he knew he had to really get things going with his online business endeavors.

He took what he calls, “MASSIVE action,” and he hopes that others do the same with the knowledge and expertise he offers to his students and business partners. Adam actively teaches real Internet marketing skills with an approachable personality that makes those he meet instantly comfortable. As soon as he presents what he knows, the audience can immediately see how they can use the skills themselves and often during seminars, they can’t wait to get onto their computers to do so.

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