Aaron Rashkin

Aaron Rashkin

7-Figure Producer & Recruiting Master

Aaron RashkinFormerly a personal trainer and small business owner, Aaron Rashkin is now the top earner in his own network marketing business. He works as a team with his wife Sophia and together they have built their business by helping thousands of new home business owners find success by using non-traditional methods through one-on-one coaching and training. They currently hold weekly calls and webinars through which they offer powerful training skills, but most importantly, they are in full control of their work schedules and would like to offer the same luxury to their students.

Aaron knows all about the troubles with trying to build a business the old-fashioned way. Cold calling, inviting friends and family over to pitch the business, and all the other strategies you learn about when starting in an MLM can really wear down your morale. Aaron and Sophia are teaching new home based business owners how to create long-term success by giving then various options for consultations and training from their product catalogue. Aaron is known as a Master Prospector and Connector with expertise in copy writing and marketing funnels and he offers his knowledge to anyone interested in seeing their business grow without having to host presentations out of their living rooms anymore.

Like many who are starting out, Aaron hasn’t forgotten how difficult it was to suffer through the cold calls and learning little to no money. Though he has built businesses that earned millions, he is very much in tune with the struggles that find people at the very beginning when starting new in the business.

Aaron is a father of two and a full time husband. He shows us that it’s possible to have a career that makes you happy and lets you be as involved with your family as you want to be. Sophia has spoken during seminars to offer her knowledge on personal development and how she balances business, family, and marriage. Together, they have a lot to offer to their students outside of just business sense. They encourage your personal growth and expect you to seek out and find a life that is fulfilling so that you can be there for the people who mean the most to you.