Congratulations on Your Investment in
the No Excuses 3 Home Study Course

I look forward to working personally with you over the next few weeks. People will probably think we are crazy for offering all this extra help, but we are committed to making your business work and if I can be of service, I’m happy to do it.

Now, what is going to happen next is within 24 hours we will be giving you access to the ONLINE VERSION of the NES3 Home Study Course.

If you ordered the PHYSICAL COURSE, you will still be receiving online access so you can get started right away and your physical package will arrive in about 2 – 3 weeks, along with your T-Shirt (while supplies last).

For Tshirt size, please email with a size – either L, XL or XXL. We are sold out on other sizes.

In the meantime, I would like to invite you to watch this special training by Tim Erway titled “The Exact Steps to Go from Confusion, Frustration and Overwhelm to 6-Figures in 12 Months or Less…

Now this webinar will fill you in on 2 things:

1) The strategy you need to have in place in your business, to avoid overwhelm, confusion and frustration
2) About a special opportunity to possibly have Tim Erway, Raymond Fong and myself, help physical build your business for you.

You got a little time before getting access to the Home Study Course, so get to it!

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Be sure to take notes!