EMP in a Nutshell: Partnering with Mike Dillard & Tim Erway at “100% Commissions”

So one of the things that I think is being missed with all the value packed videos being given away by Tim Erway and Magnetic Sponsoring is what Elite Marketing PRO (EMP) actually is!
It’s not an info product or new course on marketing.
What it is, is an opportunity to go into business directly with Mike Dillard and Tim Erway as licensees of their entire Magnetic Sponsoring system and products, including the opportunity to sell other licenses.

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Elite Marketing Pro Bonus – The Virtual Traffic Workshop and $7,000+ in Traffic Secrets

Considering Elite Marketing PRO?!? Then Read This Before 12 Noon EST Today…
For the First Time EVER, Look Under the Hood of Our Business and Actually Watch Us Setup OUR Traffic Campaigns on Facebook, Bing, PPV & Solo Ads for EMP, So You Can Copy What We Do & Drive Traffic Like the Marketing PROs!

Gain Access to a Private LIVE Broadcast of Our Step-by-Step Setup of Our Own Traffic, So You Can See Exactly How We’ve Been Driving Traffic to EMP for the Past 3 Months!
Ok, guys… we

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Our Mentor, Tim Erway, Just Released Some Cool Stuff!

Man, life is so good right now for us!
My Los Angeles Dodgers are in first place in their division, I’m prepping for a martial arts tournament for this weekend & I’m feeling confident and the trifecta of all the good news is that our mentor, Tim Erway, is back in full swing once again laying down some solid marketing lessons.

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Short Cuts that Work & Those That Don’t…

Hey guys,
Continuing with our conversation about what’s a realistic short-cut that works and which type of short-cuts are “pipe dreams”… we answer that question so you can make some wise choices as you continue with your marketing career…

Please be sure to share the training and share your thoughts below!


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