Making Online Dating Easier and Better – 15 Winks

Let’s Bring More “Honesty” to Online Dating for 2014 and Beyond Shall We?
Welcome back.
So in the last post, we homed in on online dating – and we can agree that it is definitely a market worth keeping tabs on for 2014.
The signs are in place for its continued rapid growth: sub-niches, increased social acceptance, increased popularity, and technological investments and improvements.

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Online Dating Business in 2014

Single or Married, These are the Facts…
So let’s pick up where we left off yesterday when we talked about the top 3 profitable vertical markets in the online space – 1. health and fitness 2. make money, and 3. dating and relationship (including sex).
Today I want to home in on one of them, namely, #3, dating and relationship.

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Hong Kong & Taiwan Epiphany

My Hong Kong & Taiwan Trip Reveals an Up-&-Coming Niche Market Hitting Critical Mass for 2014 & We Plan on Taking Full Advantage (*** Evil Laughter ***) Want to See?
I just returned from a trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan (I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong) and boy did I have a blast.

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