Wine, Tequila and a Marketing Convo with David Wood

About 2 years ago, I was at a marketing event in Costa Rica and David Wood had decided to come by and come hang out among elite entrepreneurs such as David Bach, Aaron & Sophia Rashkin, Michael Force, Jay Kubassek, Chris Daigle and others.
During that time was when David Wood had set in motion the 100% commission craze, which revolutionized the internet marketing industry.
At the time, a lot of folks were critical of what David Wood had done for various reasons.

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Traffic Video 2: ‘Mr Guzzler’ Shows You How to Legally Stalk Your Leads on Facebook on Autopilot, Until They Buy Your Stuff!

Joining the party on stage…
So speaking of colorful people, it seems like Andrew Murray not only approved of Shane’s shenanigans in Video #1, but guzzled what was left of the scotch, right out of the bottle.
But despite possibly needeing an intervention, these boys are certainly masters of getting traffic, leads and making money with Facebook.
In Video #2 of your ’15-Minute Facebook Lead Course’, Andrew “Mr.

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