Results from No Excuses 3 Were Inconclusive – So You Get To Choose!

Warning: Take 5 minutes, drop what you are doing and read this entire message, because this could be your only chance – just short of investing $497 for the recordings of No Excuses 3 – to get to watch the FULL On-Stage Presentations plus Breakout Room of 1 of 2 top voted No Excuses Summit 3 speakers for FREE!
You see, we have a bit of a dilemma here…
At No Excuses 3 a couple weeks ago in Vegas, we asked our attendees to rate each and everyone of the speakers from the weekend.

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How to Get the Most From a Live Event

Ran across a great post on making the most of live events by Bob and Rosemary Clarke, who will both be attending the No Excuses Summit 3. You can find a copy of the original post on Facebook here, but I’ve reposted it for your convenience.
There are some great tips, including bringing a camera which is great for social proof.

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A Thousand $1 Bills and the Official No Excuses Summit Mobile Phone App

Now you may be asking yourself, what on earth are Ray and Ferny gonna do with all those One Dollar Bills?
There’s actually $2800 here in $1 bills and various denominations from $5 to $100 and we are bringing it all in a big bag, handcuffed to our wrists (both of our wrists) to Vegas! Neither one of us trusts the other with the loot, so we’ll both we handcuffed to it until NES3 starts.

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