The 2012 Expert of Experts is Crowned!

Ok, you’ve been privy to some incredible golden nuggets of content from the past 5 videos from the No Excuses Summit Experts Panel.
But alas, we needed to crown ONE “2012 Expert of Experts” and in this final segment, it was a horserace between two incredible marketers and recruiters.
In one corner, you had master closer and sales trainer, Greg Gomez III.
In the other corner, you had super producer, Cheri Tree.

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“If You Had to Start Over, What Would You Do Differently”

Alright guys! Happy New Year!!
We’ve had some awesome questions answered thus far, by our expert panelists.
This new question was posed by an audience member who actually earned $100 for asking this question:
“If you had to start all over again, what would you have done differently?”
Here’s their answer…

The Finale is up next tomorrow and it will come down to a stand-off between 2 of these experts.

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“You’re a Scammer!!”

2013 is just a few hours away, but as promised wanted to get Part 4 of our Holiday gift to you and it this one is pretty interesting! (If you missed the previous videos watch the here: Part I | Part II | Part III)
Our expert panel at No Excuses 3 were asked what do they do when they get hate mail and emails from people accusing them to be “scammers”?
If you reach any level of success, we guarantee you that you’ll start getting negative email and feedback.

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“Pitch Me on Your Primary Business Opportunity”

Holy cow, this is going to be awesome!
If you missed Part I and Part II of this series, then you need to check those out first.
However, the most controversial part of this line of questioning is now here!
Mark Hoverson asks these top producers to do the ACTUAL pitch for their primary opportunity!!!
Here ya go…

You gotta be REALLY mature to handle the answers given here and if you are wise, you’ll extract some valuable nuggets from these answers.

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