How 2 Words From A Text Expressed A Whole New Message After No Excuses 5

I recently received a text  this week from a teammate.  His message was plain and simple… “I’m driven”.  Now, I have to admit… I’ve seen these texts before from teammates after events saying that they’re “driven”, “inspired”, “motivated” and so on.  But more often than not… that short term inspiration created little to no action […]

The Shocking Truth About What Really Happened at No Excuses 5

From the perspective of someone that was a complete newbie at NES4, I was pretty shocked with what happened at NES5. A little over a year ago, I traveled to my first marketing event…No Excuses 4.   I had the time of my life back then. I got to meet so many marketing rockstars, watch industry […]

How to Become an Internet Marketing Black Belt…

Yesterday, was a very powerful day for me. I spent the morning at a photoshoot for the cover of Black Belt Magazine, which will be featuring my teacher and mentor, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee and an article I wrote on the modern history of competitive fighting for traditional martial arts and the launch of a new […]

How to Strategically Build a 6 Figure Income, for Less Than $800!

I think it’s safe to say that last night’s training resulted in big time ‘a-ha’ moments for those in attendance. Especially those whom have been struggling with overwhelm and the frustration from buying up marketing courses, juggling a lot of different marketing tactics and having nothing to show for it! To build a 6-figure or […]

Something Fun: Yeti Microphone w/ Shock Mount, Pop Filter and Arm Stand

Have you ever recorded an audio or video file and noticed spikes in audio when you smack your lips or heard yourself breathing in recordings, which can be distracting to audiences? Here’s something fun you can setup at home for not too much money to produce video sales letters, regular videos, sound recordings and webinar […]